Saturday, March 5

A Cyclone of Grace

I think I just want to say "hello" to you, my dear reader.

So, Hello.

Oh, and also, share this thought:
I have the amazing privilege of witnessing True Life bursting forth all around me. I have a few (yes, an actual "few") precious friends who are pregnant, several who are planning to get married this spring or summer, one particular dear who is basking in the joyful glow of her newborn's sweet expressions, one who is looking forward to making a major change and revelling in preparing for this fulfillment of her dream and one who is blissfully content enjoying the new adventure she and her family have embarked on. Also, every day, my precious Laila Grace changes in some tiny way; she repeats a new syllable, makes a new face, discovers a new little nook or suddenly finds something to be completely fascinating that she never seemed to notice before (like, my nostrils) :) ... and I feel like all of this joy and excitement and love are swirling around me in a cyclone of grace.

I stand, in the center of all of this goodness and beauty, breathe deeply through my nose, hold it for a moment... and exhale.
Because life is but a vapor.
And beauty is meant to be cherished.
And I mean not to miss a moment of it.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."
~James 1:17