Thursday, September 3

In Love with the 80's

Last Saturday morning, I woke up with an unusual craving... not for pickles, chocolate or even a peanut butter and banana sandwich (ooh, sounds pretty good right now, though). This craving was for some good old fashioned 80's jams. Fortunately for me, the activities planned for the day would afford the perfect opportunity! We spent all day Saturday painting our TV room. It used to be this kind of maroon color with gold, spongey... um... action. The house came that way. I promise, we did not sponge our TV room! It was a bit chaotic... and dark... but, now, it is the most lovely shade of blue. It makes me sigh when I walk into that room now... I feel peaceful, light, as though I am floating in a lovely sea of blue, with the seagulls singing above me and the sunshine warm on my face...

Whew - I went somewhere for a minute there! Back now!

So, the painting afforded an awesome opportunity to jam to some good 80's rock. My sweet husband acquiesced and soon we found ourselves dancing to the music! Now, if you at some point, find yourself overcome with this craving as I did. Let me give you the remedy. Create the "Journey Station" on and you will quickly be transported back to the days of neon, big hair and t-top thunderbirds.
Kinda makes you wanna watch Saved by the Bell, doesn't it?! Now, be honest, you know you always wanted to be Kelly Kapowski!

For some of my (ahem) older friends, this musical journey might conjure junior high, high school... maybe, for some of you, even college memories! For me, however, it takes me back to the delightful days of childhood, specifically ages 2-7. When I hear Heart's "These Dreams" or Madonna's "Papa, Don't Preach", I'm immediately whisked back to Saturday mornings dancing in the living room while my mom cleaned the house with all the windows open... She would always play the music loud when she cleaned the house. I can literally smell the freshness of outside, the subtle scent of baking blueberry muffins still hanging on the air and a little bit of Lysol. I can feel the breeze on my face as I twirled around the living room and I can hear my sweet mommy's beautiful voice. When I listen to 80's music, the thing is... I'm not moved by the lyrics or the beat neccesairily. I'm inspired, I'm entertained, I'm moved because of the memories associated... and because, in my head, I hear my mommy's precious voice, singing along.

Isn't she lovely?
What memories do 80's songs conjure for you?