Tuesday, February 23

Your Vote Counts!

Dear reader, consider yourself loved. Consider yourself valued.
Consider yourself... solicited.

Trevor and I are working on Laila's middle name. As I've mentioned, this is a serious decision. The world will call this child by the name we give her for the rest of her life. And, of course, her middle name is especially important because this is what she'll be hearing from us every time she gets in trouble... I'm joking, of course. Laila will never be in trouble... Ahem. Anyway.
These things can't be taken lightly at any rate!

So, we'd like your opinion...

Here are the finalists, in no particular order:
Laila Layne Chapman
Laila Grace Chapman
Laila Zoe Chapman
Laila Belle Chapman

Trevor would like for me to tell you that he reserves the right to completely ignore the results of this survey (he's just being spicey, you see) but I promise that your thoughtful comments will be valued and carefully considered.

Your Vote Counts!

Monday, February 22

Musings from a Monday...

Lean Cuisine Pizza: is not a meal. It's barely a snack... and now I'm hungry again.

Pandora Radio: I LOVE Pandora. Have you, dear reader, been introduced to it's greatness? I've been listening to the Norah Jones station this morning and have discovered two new songs that I will be adding to my "chill" playlist. "Dream" by Priscilla Ahn and "Heal Over" by KT Tunstall. You should have a listen. You'll be glad you did. And, while I'm on the subject of music, let me just give some love to my Music Guru and Best Pal, Jennifer Powell, who always finds the most wonderful and creative music and then, in her generosity, shares it with me. You should read her blog. See the list to the right. No, not the "About Me" section... that's about me... down a little... right. There you are. Notes from G Street. She's adorable. Here's a picture of us at my wedding...

The Phenomenon of Belly Touching: Now, I was warned, well and often, by good friends who've gone before me, that I would find myself being unapologetically touched by people once I was blatantly and unmistakeably pregnant. This was not something that concerned me. I'm a touchy kind of person. I hug people I first meet. I welcome kisses from friends visiting from France. I value the human connection. My bubble tends to be rather small... So far, I've actually experienced less belly touching than I expected. Oh you know, the occasional older lady at the grocery store, friends and family, of course, and children especially seem fascinated by my protruding middle, however, The Line was crossed last week when a male student at SMU just couldn't resist reaching out for a little rub. WHAT?! I mean, we're talking a complete stranger, a MAN and a college student at that! After congratulating me like we were old friends, he went on to explain that he has "about a million" neices and nephews and that he LOVES children. "Now I don't have any myself, of course" he says, "Ya gotta find the right girl first, you know!! Ha ha ha... You must have found the right one, though! I mean, the right guy in your case... Cause you're clearly the right girl! Ha ha ha" and, all the while, I'm still totally amazed and, frankly, rather speechless, feeling confused because, while I'm a bit charmed by his enthusiasm, I'm also resisting the urge to slap his face for feeling so free to just TOUCH me. I mean, yes, the belly has the baby in it but it's still MY belly, after all. Still very much A Part. Of. Me. I walked away totally in awe, smiling a bit, I'll admit, but, still, totally in awe. Here was Laila's reaction:

How would you have reacted?

Friday, February 12

And now... a word on Valentine's Day.


See? See how I did that? I just tricked you into thinking that we had only just talked yesterday and that I was just popping by to share the interesting link I had just discovered (via one Amy Atkins) when, in reality, it has been shamefully long since we talked... I'm so tricky.

I've missed you.

Happy Valentine's weekend, dear friends! And, coincidentally, happy Winter Wonderland as well! Here is our house in the snow...

What is it about snow that feels so romantic? Perhaps its the snuggling that you know must follow a joyful romp in the snow. Last night, Trevor and I played in the snow at our local park. We wowed the children with our huge snow cave, defeated the punk kids who tried to start a snowball fight with us and then came home to sit in front of the fire and sip hot tea... Earl Grey for my husband, Mint Medley for me. It was wonderful... and, just as we got all snuggled up on the couch to watch The Office, the power went out. It was delicious. We moved our snuggles to the bedroom, opened the blinds and watched the snow fall instead. I'll spare you the details on the rest of the evening but let me just say: Yum-my.

Here's a picture of me and Trev on his birthday... just for fun.

Would anyone like an update on the baby girl? Well, she has an official name. Yes, we did not take lightly the task of deciding what this precious child should be called for the rest of her ever loving life... We took our sweet time. We are still deciding on her middle name but her first name is officially (drum roll, please)... Laila! Pronounced LILA. It is the Hebrew word for "night" and, just as the night sky reflects the sheer majesty and glory of God, we pray that she would reflect God's majesty and glory, that she would be a reflection of His infinite beauty. Yes, Lord. May it be so. Amen. If you would like to make suggestions as to her middle name, feel free!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I CAN'T WAIT to see her beautiful face! Hmm... the only thing is... that I know, in order for this to happen, I'll have to give birth to her. Wow. Big, deep exhale. Really, friends, its just the absolute unknowing that gets to me. I've tried to glean wisdom from friends and family. I've asked for the down and dirty, nitty gritty stories and, still, I know that I simply don't know what it will be like, how I will respond, what I will feel. One thing is for sure: for the joy set before me, I will endure. For the joy set before me, I will persevere. For the joy of looking into Laila's eyes and seeing Trevor hold her and kiss her and beginning our journey as a new family, I will give her the gift of birth... Cause, really, the alternative is staying pregnant forever and that is definitely not. an. option.

Would you like to see photos of our ongoing nursery project?

Well, here is her chandelier...

And here are her changing table and crib (found for cheap on Craig's list!)...

And, now... I speak about this in hushed reverence. My husband is amazing. He is truly a Renaissance man; lover, engineer, poet and, now, I find out that he is also an artist. Look what he did for his girls...

Yes, that amazing, beautiful horse is painted on the wall. I was speechless. Really, I still am...

And now for the whole picture...

I invite you, dear friend, to come and see the nursery in person. We'll drink hot tea and sit in front of the fireplace. No romp in the snow required.