Thursday, November 27

Bad News and Good News

So, the thing is... I can't say too many nice things about him or he'll be too embarrassed to share this blog. And I really want him to share it because we want you, our dear loved ones, to be "in the loop" as they say.

But you know. Of course you know.

I'll just whisper it:

My dad is a champion, an inspiration, a hero. 

I'm not a scientist or a surgeon so I won't attempt to explain the specifics of what has happened medically. For all of us laypeople and liberal arts majors, I'll simply give it to you straight.

There is another tumor. They call it "recurrance".

It means cancer is back. Back. Back. Back. 

Apparently, it was "back" back in September but the radiologists who read his CT back then missed it. As in, did not see the tumor. 

I mean...

Of course, Papa says "They have a hard job. Give them a break." He's not mad. He's kind and gracious. Out in the big bad world and in front of my children, I will be too. But, here, in this little corner of the world that I author, I WILL ask that question in all caps. Because, seriously, radiologists? THAT'S, LIKE, YOUR WHOLE JOB.


Another surgery and likely another year of chemo drugs. "Back" to chemo. EESH.

So... let's stop here and take a big, lovely, deep breath of oxygen.


Okay, now for the good news.
It IS Thanksgiving, for Heaven's sake... and we have so much to be thankful for.

1). Surgery is scheduled for next Thursday. This is good news because, according to the CT scan he had last Friday, the tumor is growing fairly rapidly. We're all thankful that Dr. Sands, Papa's surgeon, is feeling urgent about getting it out.

2). We've been here before. Because this tumor is in the same place as the last one, Dr. Sands knows his way around down there. And Papa knows what to expect as far as recovery, etc.

3). Dad is far healthier now than he was when going in for the last surgery. As most of you know, he has spent the last 18 months or so extremely focused on getting healthy. Obviously, a higher level of wellbeing will bode well for him in many ways.

4). He's had symptoms that he couldn't ignore. Wow. I am SO thankful for the pain that motivated him to go so far as to fly to Miami to consult with Dr. Sands on his situation. Had he not, and had the tumor been allowed to keep growing, we would have been in a far worse situation when it was ultimately discovered.

5). Dr. Sands and Dr. Trent (his oncologist) are the Best of the Best. They even have billboards in Miami with their faces on them... so, I mean... hello.

6). My dad has Nonna. And she will do everything in her power to support and care for him, just as she has been doing for over 30 years. They make one amazing team.

"Focus on the positive and trust God." This is what our dear Papa Bear is encouraging us to do. Of course he is. And we are doing our best.

Join us in this.
Thank you for your prayers and your love... and Happy Thanksgiving!