Friday, April 3

By the grace of God, this is the place I choose to live.
"The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love"
Galations 5:6b


  1. You are my neighbor, sweet Jane Rowland. I'm so happy that we are blog buddies. :)

  2. So excited that you have joined the blogging world!! It is such a great way to stay in touch with friends you never get the chance to see!! I am excited to read more and more as you really get going!!

    As far as blog places (to get templates) it really depends what you are looking for. I have a good friend who does templates and they are super cute : Also, you should check out:
    the cutest blog on the blog (I think just google it and it should come up with the website),, or hopefully you can find something you like on one of those!!!

    Once again welcome, and I am super excited to hear what is going on in your life!!

  3. I'd love to live at the corner of truth and love street!

  4. Do you know I always think of you when I hear this verse? :)