Thursday, June 11

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

I know what you're thinking! What does Twitter have to do with Chelsea's trip? Well, the answer is nothing. Not a dang thing. I know that I promised juicy trip details and I intend to make good on that promise, I... promise. :) In the meantime, though, I need help! The question I am currently pondering, struggling over and praying about (okay, I'm not really praying about it) is to tweet or not to tweet. Yes, my friends, I'm talking about Twitter!

The site describes itself as, and I quote, "Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?" Um... excuse me! Hello! Can we say - knock off of the facebook status update?! Of course we can. That's exactly what it is... and the thing is, it's brilliant!

Let's be honest! After easy photo sharing, the status update is truly the most fun aspect of facebook. Up until now, this has been my primary reason for not tweeting. I am perfectly satisfied in my relationship with facebook status updates. Status updates and I have been doing just fine, thankyouverymuch. In fact, we've been very happy together.
Until the last couple of days, I haven't even thought about seeing other social networks!

I blame the current crisis on 2 friends: My dad and Jerret Sykes.
Yesterday, my dad (shown at left - he's so cute) spent, like 8 and a half whole minutes talking to me about how much he loves Twitter... and my dad is not a man prone to exaggerated praise for things. I mean, he's pretty chill... but he was genuinely enthused over Twitter. He likes to follow professional golfers. Yesterday, he was enjoying the fact that he knew that this one golfer who he likes was in the fancy hair salon with his kids. I mean, I guess that's pretty cool... to feel connected to your favorite golfer... to know that he cares about his kids' appearance. That's pretty cool.

Then, today, Jerret Sykes explained to me how he can even send a text message to Twitter! He can twitter from his phone via text message. He explained to me how he updated his Twitter from bed at 4:30am! Pretty cool.
But, wait. It gets better. He even has his Twitter set up so that, when he updates Twitter, it also immediately updates his facebook status. Whoa, friend. Stop right there. Back up. Repeat.
It updates your facebook status?!
Now there's something I could get excited about! That is efficiency.
Oh, and Jerret follows his favorite pastors. I mean, that's pretty cool too. You can know when your favorite athletes are chillin at the hair salon and you can learn the insignificant details related to the lives of your spiritual leaders. What's not to love?
Well, my friend Erica says that Twitter is kind of complicated... You have to learn different codes or something. She doesn't like how sometimes people don't use their real names on Twitter and, she says, do we actually think Paris Hilton is really updating her own Twitter?

One more issue I have and then I'm leaving it up to the committee (yes, dear reader, you're on the committee): As Nikki Alexander (shown at left - adorable) lamented in her recently recorded original song, it's difficult to always be sharing all the time! I mean, dang, every time we get on the computer, every time we look at our phone, every time we have an original thought, must we share it with the whole world? I'm not sure I can handle the pressure!!

But, still, it kinda seems fun to tweet.
And there's an iPhone app for it.
And I might really need to know what Julia Roberts is up to this summer... I might really want to find out what Meg Ryan's 4th of July plans are...
So, to tweet or not to tweet?
Please. Share. :)


  1. dang it, thats marcie, not nathan. it always has me signed into his google accnt :)

  2. You tweet, Marcie? So, I could become your follower? That's worth signing up for! I love your baby pics on facebook, by the way. What a beautiful family you are!

  3. At least open an account and see how you like it! I do have a Twitter account, so you can follow me, although I have never posted a tweet.

    You are too funny to quote me!! I miss you!!


  4. I never pay attention to my status update on Facebook b/c of Twitter. That is to say, Twitter updates it for me. And I only update when I feel like it. It is there for MY convenience.

    You should Twitter so we can be Twitter friends :)

  5. I LOVE twitter!
    You should do it!!!!

  6. I'm kinda in Nikki's camp. While I twitter on occasion, sometimes twitter & fb feels artificial to me. But on the other hand, it's nice to know what friends from all over are up to.'re call girlfriend.

  7. I've been contemplating the same thing! I wonder if I want everyone to know about everything little thing I'm doing at the moment? Maybe one of these days.......... we'll see?

  8. You should tweet! Just do it. :)