Friday, October 15

Over Coffee

So, I'm not really surprised... Ok, hold on. Y'all. 4 years and an English degree from SMU and I still struggle with how to spell that word... "surprise" and also the word "restaurant". Whenever I see those two words printed (I've never admitted this to anyone), I seriously try to memorize the spelling in order to minimize my struggle the next time I need to type them and, alas, I still sit in agony as I type, wishing that blogger had spell check and kicking myself for not remembering how to spell these two dumb words! AND then I start breaking out in cold sweats, remembering how I got to the district spelling bee in 6th grade and misspelled the word "penguin" in front of the whole school district and God and everyone! I spelled it "penquin" because, well, I'm very visual, you see... and, in my mind, the "g" looked like a "q"... It was an honest mistake, really. And shouldn't they give you, like, a second chance? I mean, one stinking word and all of that practice and effort and emotional energy is just wasted cause of one tiny little letter. A second chance would have been nice, people! I mean, really! Penguin. Restaurant. Surprised. Wait, where am I? What was I saying?

Oh yes, so, I wasn't really surprised today when this happened but I'm not so sure what to think about it!

Laila and I, during our routine trip to Starbucks (in our pj's this morning, mind you), were approached by a talent scout for a modeling agency!

Here's how the story goes...

Laila and I were just drinking our coffee and playing, minding our own business, when I noticed a handsome, well dressed man checking us out. He smiled, I smiled. I didn't really think much of it because this happens to us often. People are attracted to Laila's beautiful blue eyes and shining personality and I am happy to be her Representation. People say, "and how old are you?" and I say (speaking for her, of course) "I'm 5 months old!" and then they say "and what is your name?" and I say, "Laila Grace. It's nice to meet you" and, all the while, the person never makes eye contact with me because they are having a conversation with the baby, you see. I'm just her Manager. I don't mind this one bit. It's fun. I'm like a ventriloquist! (Look, I can spell "ventriloquist" and I can't spell "penguin".)

So, the handsome man came over to the condiment bar near where we were sitting and asked me how old she was. He actually addressed me, my friends. I had to remind myself, "Okay, you're talking as you this time. Grown up voice." I told him that she was 5 months old and then he asked if she could sit up on her own. I thought that question was a little odd but I answered it, saying "well, she's very close. She totters..." which is true, y'all! She's almost there!

So, then, he proceeds to tell me that he is a talent scout for a modeling agency and that, with her beautiful face and sweet demeanor, she would be a perfect baby model! He gave me his info and told me that, if I was interested, I should call the agency.
I thanked him and he went on his merry way.

This left me to ponder. I have to be honest and tell you that I had thought of this before. I mean, my daughter is The Most Beautiful Girl Ever, you know... but, truly, I told myself, everyone thinks their daughter is The Most Beautiful Girl Ever so I consulted a second opinion. My mother. "Mom, don't you think that Laila is way cuter than any Pottery Barn Baby model you've ever seen???" "Oh, absolutely!" she said. And then the thought occured to me that, perhaps, she wasn't really an objective opinion either. So, for an actual Professional Person who knows about Cute Babies to say that she's "got it", well, I was flattered.

Know my heart, friends. I'm not, like, all "See how amazing my baby is, blog world?!" I'm more, like, "blog world, is this a good idea?" On one hand, moolah in the college fund is a great idea! On the other hand, I don't want to be one of Those Moms and I certainly don't want Laila to end up like Mary Kate and Ashley!

Thoughts? Opinions? Personal experiences you'd like to share?

Something to look at while you think...

Honest opinions are the order of the day.



  1. First of all, Laila definitely wins first place in "The Most Beautiful Girl Ever" category. And because of that, I'm not a one bit surprised you two were approached. =)

    Secondly, your daughter TOTALLY looks like the Gerber baby in those pictures. I'm loving it.

    Thirdly, I sent my comment to you via Facebook message because it was too long to post... whoops! ;)

  2. She is so, so cute! Really. :)

    Of course talk to Trevor, but I'd say it's at least worth looking into. I'd google the agency first and find out if it's legit. Trust your mommy instincts.

  3. Okay this may honestly be my favorite blog yet. I love your tone. I felt like I was in the coffee shop with you (and your spelling bee...oh my too cute!).

    You and Trev will make the perfect choice. I think it's worth it shot. The only thing I'd look out for is if they ask for money up front.

    See you in an hour!

  4. Oh and Laila takes the Gerber-baby cake with those milky cheeks!

  5. Chels, you should totally call them. Laila is perfect for it.

    PS...The picture in her baby sailor outfit is amazing.