Thursday, February 10

Laila's Playlist

Yesterday, while I was trying to finish a glorious nap in bed and Laila was trying to wake up from her nap in my bed, I gave her my iphone thinking she might entertain herself for a little while. Just so you know, Laila Grace is only allowed to play with my phone under very specific circumstances and only when she is on something soft, like a bed or a cloud or a giant marshmallow.

After only a few seconds, I realized she had made her way into the iPod part of my phone and begun DJing her own little playlist.

It went as follows:

1. "Zion" by Lauryn Hill
2. "My Life of Crime" by Pierce Pettis
3. "Depending on Gravity" by Pierce Pettis
4. "Starlight" by Patrick McBride
5. "Reasons Why" by Nickel Creek
6. "Now is the Time To Worship" -Praise Baby CD

And here is why I think she chose these songs:

1. Because, at those very moments, her Auntie Crystal was in labor, bringing forth baby Gideon who we went to see today and who we already LOVE. Lauryn wrote that song for her son, Zion, and one of my favorite lines is "How beautiful and nothing more, than to wait at Zion's door... I've never been in love like this before."

2. Laila Grace had stayed up the night before from 2:30am - 5:30am.
NO LIE. A truly criminal act indeed.

3. It's that darn gravity that keeps making her fall when she tries to stand up and walk! I think she thought she might learn something from Pierce on how to overcome it... gravity, that is.

4. She wants to go see her Uncle Pat and Auntie Jessica in Pensacola!!!

5. "What could possibly be the reason why my mom is so sleepy right now??" Hmm... Perhaps it has something to do with #2...

6. Because she just loves to worship... and, seriously, y'all, she does! She loves to sing and dance and wave her hands in the air! And, I mean, come on, now IS the time. :)

So, there it is. Laila's playlist.
And today just happens to be Laila's 9 month birthday!!

Happy Birthday, precious girl!
Doo Doo


  1. Okay, so perhaps she got tired of flinging food and decided she needed a little jam. Once again excellent post and very entertaining.

  2. Thanks, Daddy-o! I just commented on your latest blog too... You should write again. I love reading your words. :)