Monday, February 4

Raisin' Those Funds, ya'll!

As my sweet mom said, words are simply inadequate to express our gratitude for the extravagant generosity, support and good old-fashioned LOVE that you, our friends and family, have poured out on us in the last 3 weeks. The fundraiser on Friday night couldn't have been more perfect. You packed the room, you brought your encouragement and joy to share with my parents... and you also brought your checkbooks! With the online contributions and what was given Friday night, we more than reached our goal of $10,000! All we can say is, thank you! We want to specifically thank our sponsors again and make sure you know how to find them if you'd like to take advantage of their services.

Thank you, Chris Gifford of The Brown Lab, for designing our online invitation!

HJ Temple, the cupcakes were divine, especially the Dreamsicles! Thank you!

Thank you, Emmanuel vanHulst for working hard all night, taking photos so that we could document the incredible evening for my parents!
Search Emmanuel vanHulst photography on facebook.

And, finally, our heartfelt and talented musicians, The Ascenders with Mr. Carter Davis and Brooke Wesson. Thank you!

My parents got settled in yesterday afternoon in their condo in Miami and will start pre-op appointments this morning. Surgery is this Wednesday, February 6 at 7:30am and we will keep you updated.

Thank you for your prayers! We love you!

Photos of the magical evening to follow!

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