Tuesday, March 31

She's a Tooter

Well, on this gorgeous, sun-shiney Texas day,  I just stopped by to tell you something that I can only share with you. It's so funny, ya'll. But also a little inappropriate so let's just keep it between us, ok? Shhh. 

Here it is:
Anytime I change Lydia's diaper, she takes a deep breath, bears down and tries to toot. 
Yep, somewhere along the way, my 21 month old little girl figured out how to make herself toot. She practices multiple times a day and, to her credit, she's gotten pretty dang good at it. When she's able to make it happen (which is often), she giggles hysterically, says "More, more" and then tries again. 

I cannot help myself. I laugh too. Every time. You would too, I guarantee it!
What's that? A video, you say? Can't say I haven't thought of it myself but, ya'll, that would be SO inappropriate. I can't believe you even suggested it. You'll just have to take my word for it. 
Its stinking hilarious. Pun intended.

This girl is such a comedian. 
She will do anything for a laugh. 
She is SO MUCH FUN. 

Thanks for giggling with me.


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