Thursday, July 30

A Psalm

Well, its been quite awhile since this English major dabbled in poetry... and this particular piece lacks the light and easy tone that we usually employ over here at Love Chels but, when challenged by a friend to write my own personal Psalm, this is what came out. 

And, boy, is it from my heart. 

My Shalom

Fear beckons at the door of my heart
Inviting me out of community with God, 
Inviting me to stroll along that dark path of distrust. 

Satan seeks to distract me, 
Attempting to fill my mind with past sin, 
Past rebellion, past wounds. 

But YOU, O God, are my shield and my strength!
The Word of the Lord is my weapon against my every enemy. 
Jesus Himself stands guard at the entrance of my heart, 
His own blood painted over the doorway and along it's sides. 

His blood declares:
She is mine. 
She is victorious. 
She is WHOLE, pure, free and fully redeemed...
And NO weapon formed against her shall prosper!

The past is dead.
New life springs up. 
Now and forever, I walk hand in hand with my God, 
My Redeemer, My Shalom.

I'm sure those people who are in charge of the canon will be calling me any day now... ;) 


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