Monday, January 18

Cough Drops and Risk.

So, Lydia may end up being our negotiator. 

Laila has a cough. AGAIN. Both girls had such a terrible cough over the Christmas holiday that I think I have PTSD. Every time anyone so much as clears their little throats, I twitch a little. Now that another cough has reared it's ugly head, I've brought out all of the cough medicines, the essential oils, the Vick's vapor rub, the Benadryl (don't judge), the honey syrup and, Laila's favorite, the cough drops. I let her keep the cough drops by her bed because, over Christmas, I was basically dousing them in everything and pouring all the medicines down their throats and letting Laila have all the cough drops she wanted because sleep. WE ALL NEED TO SLEEP. 
You know of what I speak. 
We've all been there. Solidarity. 

Well, Laila eats these cough drops voraciously and, since I'm begging sweet baby Jesus in the manger for SOMETHING to work, I let her. Poor Liddy knows she must be missing out on something good. 

Tonight, the following conversation happened:

Lydia: I want a cough drop!!
Me: No, sister. You can't have a cough drop.
Lydia: I won't spit it out!!
Me: My love, you're two. Two year olds can't have cough drops because you might choke. 

Lydia: (thinking... big smile...) I'M FIVE!!

Ha ha, nice try, little one. You can't pull that one on me. I was there the day you were born!


And now, dear reader, I'll let you in on something: 
I started the first draft of my children's book. 
Because, as a wise friend told me last week, "If you want it, do it." 
I want it, ya'll, so I'm doing it. 

I'm forging ahead into the scary and uncertain world of true authorship. 
It is a new year after all! 

There is probably something that you are terrified of doing. 
What would be so bad about taking a risk? Even a tiny one. 
We can do it together. We'll hold each other's hand. 

In this, as in parenthood and adventure and the daily work that you painstakingly put your hands to, listen my friend, I'm on your side. 



  1. Love it! I always take away a chuckle and a nugget of wisdom from your posts. Thanks for sharing, friend!

    1. It's a joy to share these stories, sister... and so fun to document the hilarious things these girls say! They keep me on my toes, for sure!

  2. Ha- smart girl! Those must have been some pretty darn good cough drops. Also, have you read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert?? It's all about risk taking and being creative. I've started it about 3 times and keep getting distracted, but it sounds right up your alley!

    1. Heather, a book recommendation from you will not be taken lightly! I will definitely look for it! I haven't always considered myself "creative" but I feel something coming alive in me... We'll see where it takes us. Thank you for the suggestion!

  3. Lydia is soooo much like you! I can still hear you at Starbucks, as my introverted self had a conniption, when you said, "I know your suppose to charge me for those extras but, could you just not?". 😳 As usual, I love to read what you write. I'm anxious to read the book.

    1. Dad, you're outing me and my shamelessness!! Listen, I know they don't HAVE to charge me for all 5 pumps of extra syrup when all I want is two teensy weensy pumps, you know... :)

  4. Yes, yes, yes! Can't wait for the book!

    1. Me neither! Ha ha... :) xo

  5. YES!!! I am so glad for you, sweet friend. And, P.S....I am so glad you are on my side.

  6. Bravo!!! Taking those steps no matter how big or small towards your dream is something to celebrate!!! Gianna is also a mega negotiator...drives me bonkers....but i learn from her ya know. Helps me to be more bold and go after what I want even if the answer is NO!

    1. Thank you, Bran. YES, we're learning to deal with our no's... together! Love you!

  7. I can't wait to hear more about this children's book!!! I have 3 negotiators of my own. I'm sure Lydia would love to hang out with them. :)

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