Saturday, April 10

Paisley Leather presents Laila's Paisley Nursery

Trevor is fielding the Jehovah's Witnesses who just rang our doorbell and I'm popping by to say hello to you. Just a lazy Saturday morning at the Chapman house...

Hmmm... It is an interesting idea, door to door evangelism in our east Dallas neighborhood. I wonder at the effectiveness of such a method. Perhaps next time we should invite them in for a cup of tea and a chat. Friends, do any of you have stories about door to door prosletyzers and your encounters with them? I would be interested in hearing them... Comment away! Well, actually, have a look at these nursery photos first. That's the reason I popped by in the first place.

But first, I just want to tell you that we talked with the midwife on Thursday evening and she said that, at this point, if Laila's coming, we're gonna let her come! That means that my fears of being separated from her because of the NICU, my discomfort with the idea of using drugs to stop labor and my unease over the idea of having to give Laila steroids to speed up her lung development are behind us! Holly The Midwife says that Laila is cleared for take-off! Actually, umm... I think cleared for landing is more appropriate. I'm so grateful! We made it through 3 weeks of staving off contractions and we're emerging on the other side! Hearing this from Holly, my friends, was like a healing balm to my soul. I hit a pretty low place on Wednesday and Thursday because I was experiencing stronger and more painful contractions and was having a really hard time stopping them. I was haunted by the idea that Laila would come out and have to be separated from us and I couldn't imagine her out of my womb but not in my arms. Even now, a lump rises in my throat when I think about being separated from her. Whew. Shake it off, Chels. Pull yourself together. This is a celebration post!

So, the point is: She's a-comin and we're excited!
And her lovely nursery awaits...

A close-up of the AMAZING banner her Auntie Crystal made for her...

Her window valance and whimsical butterfly mobile... (Thank you, Aunt Judi!)

And the sign above her closet... (Thank you, Auntie Lezlie!)

A HUGE round of grateful applause to Laila's Nonna and Papa Bear AKA my precious Mom and Dad, for gifting us with all of the beautiful bedding you've seen in the above photos. You are going to be the spoiling-est grandparents EVER! And I say, "bring it on"! :) Thank you, Shmoopy and Daddy!

So, in conclusion, we're waiting here... with baited breath... for the moment that she arrives and completely ROCKS OUR WORLD... and we are going to love every minute of it.


  1. Door to door evangelism works very well for these type of groups. Sometimes people just want to believe SOMETHING, and these people present them with a solid, well-thought out argument (these groups are VERY well I've learned from all my Mormon theatre friends). If a person needs to feel important and to subscribe to a belief system, someone in a suit at their door can be very inviting. Compare this to a teenager who can't answer questions with any kind of coherency, who hasn't thought out their responses, and who only can say generic things like "Well, because God loves you"...etc. Christian's inability to explain or defend their beliefs doesn't make their beliefs any less true, but it is a major flaw in our evangelism.

  2. And our little gal is coming SO soon : )!!! Praying for you today : ).