Sunday, March 4

My Love for Starbucks - A Photo Montage

Let's start with my little protege...

Sweet girl, staying hydrated at the Starbucks in Breckenridge Village...
(January 2012)

Many a date night have been spent at Starbucks!
(All the time) :)

Planning a Hike on Vail Mountain? Definitely need to fuel up with a Starbucks bev!
(September 2011)

Enjoying Starbucks, Jesus and some tunes in Bakersfield, CA.
(May 2009)

Midnight in Paris... Ok, broad daylight at the Paris Starbucks!
(March 2006)

(Honeymoon! August 2006)

Celebrating my Mom's 50th birthday at one of the trillion Starbucks' in NYC!
(May 2007)

Trevor and our dear friend, Chris Reeser, at a Barnes and Noble Starbucks (counts!) in one of our favorite places on earth, Pensacola, Florida.
(Easter 2007)

A little attitude with my iced coffee in our nation's capitol!
(Feb 2009)

BFF Coffee Bevs, with Jenni in D.C.
(Feb 2009)

"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Fransisco..."
(May 2009)

See that IV in my hand?? Yes, I was in the hospital with lactic acid poisoning and what was my treatment of choice? A Starbucks bev. And a Starbucks bear. Priceless.
(August 2009)

My two favorite men on earth... enjoying a Starbucks bev.
(Easter 2010)

And, y'all, I've even astounded myself with all of this Starbucks love!
Now, where's my endorsement contract??
I'm calling my agent!

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  1. Great post! My favorite pic is of us in DC, of course. More fun posts like this one, please!