Sunday, March 4

The Third Place

Not to be confused with "the third eye"... something sort of Buddhist, I think. Sorry, Dr. Elverskog! What I mostly remember from "Intro to Buddhism" is Katie impersonating you and those oral exams where you would ask me 2 questions, give me an A and tell me to quit talking during your class. :)

Anyway. What was I saying? Oh yes, the third place. Starbucks. (Big, contented sigh) Yes, today I want to write about Starbucks. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love coffee. I do, I do I really really do. But, with Starbucks, it's not just about the coffee. It's about the atmosphere, the aura, the fung shui (spelling??), if you will.

I've really tried to get into "local coffee". In fact, I live within walking distance of an admittedly lovely little coffee shop who will remain nameless that a lot of people really adore. Sure, their mystery latte is delicious (quite possibly has, like, 7,000 calories), they have a trendy name and logo and, yes, everything they sell is local, vegetarian and most likely gluten, soy and paraben free. BUT. The chairs aren't comfy. It's always cold in there. The employees aren't always very nice. And the bevs are super over priced!

Here's what I love about MY Starbucks:

1). The way the sun streams through the windows in the morning and makes everything all warm and cozy.
2). The local art they display that changes monthly.
3). The fact that my drink is always delicious.
4). The fact that my barista knows my drink.
5). The fact that my barista knows my name. And my daughter's name. And that she knows that Laila will want a small ice water too.
6). The comfy chairs.
7). The big open patio.
8). That, one time, when Laila and I were down the street at the park and I locked my purse, keys and phone inside the car, (I know, you are all shocked that I would do such a thing!) we walked to Starbucks and they gave us free bevs and snacks AND let me use the phone (multiple times) while we waited for Trev to come rescue us!
9). That I can park there and access the Katy Trail to enjoy my new-found passion, running, AND that, after my run, they'll sweetly and politely give me a venti ice water for free without even commenting on the fact that my face is as red as a tomato and I'm panting like I just crossed the Sahara. My baristas are so tactful.
10). MY GOLD CARD! Not only does it have my name on it, but every 15 bevs that I purchase (takes the Chapman family only about 2.5 weeks to accomplish this), I get a free one!! Anything I want!! (Venti soy no water chai, please!)

So, there's my list. I'm all for local and gluten-free but, y'all, I'm just saying, my Starbucks is doing it RIGHT. :)

Have a wonderful caffeinated day, friends!

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