Wednesday, May 30

That Being Said...

... It was a pretty great party. The reason it was such a great party, though, wasn't because of the Oreo pops or the cookie decorating table or the bubble machines but because there were so many WONDERFUL people there.

Friends and family, thank you so much for coming out to honor our sweet girl. We feel so loved! And, oh, the presents! You people sure know how to outfit a 2 year old little girl!
Thank you so so much.

Here are a few pictures of our wonderful guests:

BJ with Abby, Leah and Jane, enjoying the shade.

Audrey A, looking beautiful!

Sweet Crystal and Gideon.

Joseph and Cayla, assisting with the cookie decorating table.

Evie June and Laila's cousin, Madeline.

Dana, looking fly, with Levi and Jonah.

Leah R, what a darling!
Daniella D, taking out her paci for a photo op!

Beautiful Gigi!

We love that silly girl!

Uncle George, Uncle Poppy and Aunt Gammy, Grammy, Aunt Heidi and Uncle Chris.

Papa, Grandad, Grandat and Nonna.

Jane and baby Maddox, super sweet.

Ross and Julian, sharing a pensive moment.

All the family who came!

Ellie Claire, accomplishing the serious task of eating a cupcake.

Laila with her sweet friend, Kelby.

Laila and her cutie cousin, Madeline.

Jenny and Evie June, so much beautiful hair in one picture. 

Sweet Chris and I with Laila, Elijah and Madelyn.

Laila, pondering the whole candle thing with my sweet friend, Liz, her son, Beau and Melissa lighting the candles!

Handsome Micah, climbing.

The cake decorating station! 
Laila, Shane, Ellie, Kelby, Gigi, Brandy and I.

Laila and her proud mommy and daddy.

A VERY special thank you to Bethany Johnson for taking these beautiful photos for us!
We will treasure them!


  1. Wow! This makes my heart hurt a little. (Selfishly!) But it looks like a super party, love all the babies!! xoxo

  2. Awww, Amy... The only thing that could have made it sweeter was if you and your crew could have been there. But, girl, you know you were there in spirit because I never would have come to Trinity or met all of these amazing people if it wasn't for you! I might not even have met Trev and had Laila if it wasn't for you! I might be a whole completely different person if it wasn't for you!!! I might be living under a BRIDGE if it wasn't for you!!! So, see? You were there. :)

  3. Also, I love you. :)

  4. Finally! your blog lets me leave a comment. (i tried three times on the last post). I must tell you that your extroverted self is a gift to the world. And this is something that Laila will gleam from you & something that Trevor fell in love with, Im sure. You blessed so many people with those oreo pops and bubble machines and cookie decorating. Don't ever ever ever stop doing what you do best! Being the open, loving, friendly, wonderful you! Okay sister?! ;) Xo