Friday, August 17

My New Office, AKA: THE LGC's Playroom

Well, my friends, a post about the playroom is long overdue but here it is. We completed it in time for Laila's second birthday and, boy, has it helped us brave this HOT Texas summer!! You, our dearest friends, are more than welcome to come play as well. Beat the heat with the Chapmans! That's our motto! It would be a pleasure to have you.

Besides helping us have a stellar indoor play space, the playroom has truly helped ease the pain of our house NOT selling. P.S. We have a beautiful house for sale!! (Hey, its my blog. I can throw in shameless plugs if I want to...) :)

Here it is, my friends:

And here are the stats:

The paint is Sherwin Williams Adventure Orange (because we love adventure, as you know.)

The tiles are from May I just say that these are AWESOME. They are soft and squishy so they provide a nice landing for the slide (not pictured, off to the left) and provide great support for the feet and ankles during jumping and dance parties. Also, the company will send you free samples of whatever colors you want so that you can see how they will look in your space. We highly recommend them! Also, I use baby wipes to easily mop up any stains or smudges and it works like a charm!

The green table and chairs are from IKEA as are the shelves. The frames are also from IKEA. Those are the fruits of the spirit...

Oh yeah, the easel also came from IKEA. Cheap too!

The kitchen is kid kraft and, boy, do we LOVE that kitchen! (Thanks, Nonna and Papa Bear!)

And those awesome green bins are from Target. 

And now for the credits:

Truly, the credit goes to.... (drum roll, please!) my sweetest and darling husband, Trevor Chapman, who, selflessly and lovingly:

1). Gave up his formal dining room... which, ya'll, I would have NEVER expected.

2). Painted and re-painted and taped and painted. He also painted the ceiling. So much work involved in that.

3). Took down the chandelier and replaced it with a super fan and high-tech dimming light switch.

4). Assembled the shelves from IKEA and measured and re-measured to be sure they would fit as beautifully as they do.

5). Researched the soft tiles, purchased the soft tiles and did all the mathematics, cutting, etc. to ensure that we had perfectly installed wall-to-wall comfort.

6). Ya'll. You ain't never seen anything until you've seen my husband hang a gallery wall. I thought it was perfect. Then, he noticed a slightly wider gap between two of the rows than the third and he took them all down and started again. I provided the moral support in the form of love notes held up from my comfy spot on the floor.


So, that's that. And our offer to have you come and play is a standing one. So, come on over!


  1. Love the playroom! It is so darling yet so functional.

  2. Thanks, my friend! We'd love to have ya'll come play! Email me and we can make a date! :) xo